The Lord has put in on the hearts of Pastor Kristin and her Husband Chris to minister to the Pastors of Churches around the world.  It is our prayer that the Lord will use this ministry to reach out to pastors and churches that are going through hard times and are seeking the Lord's guidance. We will be adding resources and messages to this web site that we hope will inspire, uplift and exhort the body of Christ through ministering to the shepherds of the flocks.  

    Pastor Kristin and Chris are available to counsel with, teach, pray with, mediate and worship with pastors and congregations that find themselves going through hard times.  On September 7, 2003* Pastor Kristin and Chris were ordained by God to go out and bring healing through the Holy Spirit.  This brought confirmation to the heart of Pastor Kristin who has felt a burden to reaching out to the hurting church leaders of this nation and of the world.  If you are a pastor or lay minister in need of counsel or healing in your life or in your congregation please contact Pastor Kristin at the email link below.

Pastor Kristin's Email

*This was Pastor Kristin's 2nd ordination from the Lord.  The first was September 5th 1997 through different ministry.


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